How to unlock enterprise knowledge for real-world ROI

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Enterprise knowledge is a multiplier; it’s having the right corporate information, applied to a question from an employee, or partner, when and how they need it. The challenge for most enterprises is unlocking knowledge from the information and data available. From enterprise search and communication platforms, to internal websites and knowledge graphs, companies have tried a broad array of methods to turn facts across the corporation into insight.

“Those systems have become, in many ways, their own barrier to efficiency,” says Chris Mahl, CRO and president at Pryon. “Data is everywhere. Unstructured knowledge is everywhere. Information in silos is everywhere. But applied knowledge — get it to me when I need it so I can be as productive as I need to be and want to be — that’s the stretch point that most firms are trying to uncover.”

It became clear that knowledge could be unlocked with the kind of interaction that consumer AI assistants have brought to market, says Igor Jablokov, the founder and CEO of Pryon, and founder of the startup that was bought by Amazon as the foundation for what became Alexa.

But it would be necessary to fuse disparate knowledge across an enterprise into one natural language representation.

“To unlock computing resources in the past meant that you had to be a computer scientist, a mathematician, an engineer,” he says. “We can turn the tables and democratize access to knowledge by allowing people to converse in natural language, to get access to these same resources that used to be buttoned up.”

Serving up knowledge in minutes

What’s different about Pyron’s approach to unlocking enterprise knowledge is the solution’s ability to ingest and vectorize content into collection models, which can be tapped using natural language.

A full stack, cloud-based, API-driven solution, it can simply be connected to a company’s infrastructure with a single sign-on provider. From there it taps into existing repositories including S3 bucks, ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Confluence, Google Drive, Sharepoint and more. The content doesn’t need to be reformatted or transformed, and content can continue to be authored in the way the company currently manages it.

Once a collection is created and pointed at the sources of content, it automatically generates the model, which then starts extracting relevant information. Automation and machine learning ensure the system delivers precision in recall, an understanding of context, the best representation in response to a question, and filters that to allow the asker to hone in on a specific piece of information. Once the knowledge is ingested, searches for information now become a valuable source of customer signals.

The solution can also identify high-quality information by tracking searches and interaction with the system, and also surface information gaps, redundancies, conflicts or legacy content that should have been retired.

It’s a powerful client-facing tool, but using AI to serve the productivity of employees is a differentiator, says Mahl.

“Talent likes to work in a highly nimble place, where the things I need to do my job, I can get them, arguably at the speed of the spoken word,” Mahl says. “It’s an acquisition, retention, and productivity play for sure.”

And the system is designed from the ground up to be democratized across the entire workforce, not just for specialties – and that’s why these tools are so important, Jablokov says.

“How many of your respective businesses were built through accidental discoveries and experimentation? And why wouldn’t you find something that you can get into every nook and cranny?” he says. “We had some clients that discovered new product lines based on giving this tool to an intern. Get it to every nook and cranny of your organization. The best time you should have done that was yesterday. The second best time is today.”

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  • Chris Mahl, President & CRO, Pryon
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