In the second half of 2022, key leaders emerge across diverse industries

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What a difference half a year makes. Back in January, the world was still holding its collective breath, wondering how economies would recover from a global pandemic and recession.

That question has been answered, with innovators stepping forward to take multiple industries into new directions, including film, cyber security, ecommerce, and even sports betting.

Read on to learn about those entrepreneurs who are putting out new ideas and finding success even as the business space continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Where will you be six months from now? Perhaps the companies and leaders below will give you the inspiration to take you there.

Legit Security’s dedication to cybersecurity

Legit Security launched out of stealth in February 2022 with a cyber security solution to secure software supply chains used by organizations to build and release software applications. As cyber attacks to the software supply chain are projected to increase 3-6X over the next few years, the company has rolled out a free Rapid Risk Assessment to help protect organizations.

Legit Security has U.S. and Israeli offices, and is a member of OpenSSF and other security standards bodies where they are actively publishing open source security tools and related research to further software supply chain security.

Gambling revenue skyrockets: States put funds to good use

With gambling revenue at an all-time high ($53 Billion In 2021), more funds than ever are available for states to use on education, economic development, retirement programs, and fighting gambling addiction. Sports betting is soaring, hitting over $57 billion in 2021, a 165% increase from 2020, allowing states more funding.

Gambling revenue funds the arts in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas and West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Tennessee gaming funds go toward substance abuse programs; Illinois uses the funds to improve roads and bridges.

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Top investor 2021 Royston G. King: The benevolent sovereign of ecommerce brands

Royston G. King is a celebrity investor, philanthropist, and advisor, and he’s leveraging his successes to build a better world. At only 21 years old, he is already making remarkable strides in the pursuit of his ambitious goals. Royston focuses on growing brands that maintain a healthy relationship with the environment, with society, with the world at large. He believes that, on a wider scale, this can bring about positive social change; according to Royston, consumers can contribute to a better, more sustainable, and more scrupulous market by bolstering brands that uphold positive social values. Master Scaling, a unique brand-building firm with a concentration in digital marketing and conversion rate optimization, is just one of the avenues through which Royston is pursuing this goal. Royston hopes to eventually oversee a myriad of prosperous, principled brands, conquering the eCommerce market with a gentle and beneficent hand.

Blintn finds the next big undiscovered masterpiece

With the huge success of Squid Game, the global media market demands more Asian content, be it an original story or a completed title. Asian content is rich in creativity and profit potential, but Western markets often have trouble finding these hidden gems and releasing them to worldwide platforms.

Blintn is a one-stop content marketplace where users can view all types of Asian content, from stories (synopsis, Web-cartoons, novels, etc.) to films, series, and more. Blintn utilizes its strong Asian user network and content library to enable studios and producers around the world to find the next big hit that would otherwise have gone undiscovered.

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Thena raises $2.16M from Pear VC and Tenacity Venture Capital — aims to redefine customer communiation

Customer communication platform Thena has raised $2.16M from venture capital firms Pear VC and Tenacity. Thena has formally launched its product designed to allow businesses to manage and deliver customer communication across different functions from one place.

B2B communication is seeing a massive shift, as customers expect accessibility and quicker resolution times from businesses. Ankit Saxena, Satyavrat Bondre, Unmukt Raizada, and Govind Kavaturi started Thena to redefine customer communication and intelligence by building a communication platform for all GTM teams with a 360-degree view of customer activity from touch points of support, customer success, marketing, and product.

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App developer Dynasty 11 introduces gaming companion App Player 2 to consumers

Dynasty 11 Studios recently announced entering the alpha testing phase for Player 2, a team-building and social media application for gamers seeking a more comprehensive platform to support their gaming needs. Player 2 allows gamers to connect with one another from across the world to build teams, cooperate on strategy, or even connect socially. The app utilizes tools like playstyle compatibility matchmaking, platform synchronization, event hosting, LFG, and instant messaging to help gamers make connections. Player 2 is set to enter beta testing and open to the public by Q4 2022.

The project is currently sponsored by Drexel University, but those interested in investing can join the current Seed Round by contacting  Dynasty 11 or CEO Colin Johnson.

To learn more, visit or

Or contact Colin Johnson at

Actor/film producer Ben Stranahan shifts career into overdrive

With some of the box office’s most well-known independent films under his belt, including Castle in the Ground and Calibre, Ben Stranahan has reached the next level of his Hollywood career. As Producer at Tip-Top Productions, Ben is tackling film projects that promise to entertain, amuse, and thrill audiences.

Ben is acting in and executive-producing The King Tide, which centers on an idyllic island village that is torn apart when the community discovers a child with mysterious powers. Whether or not the child is the next savior sparks a civil war, with implications for the audience to ponder.

Ben is also executive-producing and acting in The Inventor, a film that will engage all ages with its story of Leonardo da Vinci tackling the meaning of life with the aid of French princess Marguerite de Nevarre.

Also on Ben’s resume are Better Than Yourself and Road to Terzetto.

CMRG offers solutions for recruiting teams to engage and compel top talent

Creative Marketing + Recruitment Group (CMRG) helps companies to thrive as they navigate the uncertainties of remote and hybrid work and to become leaders in an ever-changing job market. By positioning its clients as employers of choice through sharing their brand stories and highlighting points of differentiation, CMRG is empowering them to attract – and retain – highly skilled talent.

CMRG works with its clients to confidently find qualified employees from outside the traditional 25-mile recruitment radius and even hundreds of miles away. For companies that are not open to remote or hybrid work, CMRG shows them how to highlight their compelling benefits that will resonate with candidates and make them a draw in an ultra-competitive hiring environment.

An all-inclusive marketing and talent acquisition firm and winner of two Stevie® Awards, CMRG is equipping companies with the tools they need to hire remarkable talent.

Saniton Plastic’s interlocking plastic bottle: A game changer for earth

The plastic bottle, long used to hold soft drinks, milk and other liquids, now has a different future. With its patented interlocking plastic bottle, Saniton Plastic LLC is disrupting a $171.2B global plastic bottle industry. It is on track to lowering the environmental and logistical impact of carbon emissions from logistics by up to 35%.

To change an industry that generates 40% of global transport emissions and 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Saniton Plastic focused on increasing the number of plastic bottles that are shipped on pallets. Circular bottles never fully touch, leaving wasted space on pallets. With Saniton Plastic’s interlocking design, that empty space is eliminated, resulting in up to 35% more room on pallets and reducing storage and shipping costs by up to 35%. 

Additionally, more pallets can be stacked securely without damaging the product underneath. The company expects that by allowing plastic bottles to interlock and stabilize each other, less shrink wrapping and fewer shipping cartons will be used.

Saniton Plastic hopes that through its interlocking plastic bottle, it can help put the planet on a healthier path for years to come.

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