Interoperability is the key to an accessible metaverse, says Oorbit cofounders

While MetaBeat — a metaverse conference for enterprise decision-makers and leaders — has come and gone, the sessions at the conference have stirred crucial conversations that will continue. In a session moderated by VentureBeat’s Sharon Goldman — titled “The metaverse everyone can use” — Oorbit cofounders (and brothers) Ash Koosha and Pooya Koosha said interoperability is the key to building an accessible metaverse for everyone.

The metaverse is a platform that extends real life into the gamified world, However, the problem with the metaverse, according to Ash, is connectivity — and it’s not just a metaverse issue. It extends into games and connected technologies. He explained: “I am on this video game, spent six hours and this specific service just closed down; and I lost everything. So how do I solve this? How do we solve connectivity? And how do we create a tissue that extends across virtual worlds?”

To solve this challenge, the siblings said they decided to “build the next computing platform that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the highest graphics quality of 3D and gaming applications on any device, including smart TVs.”   

Solving the accessibility problem in the virtual world

Gartner predicts “by 2025, the serious games market will grow by 25% due to the impact of metaverse technologies,” opening new grounds for companies like Oorbit that are striving to enable interoperability in the metaverse. Pooya affirmed that while ease of access continues to be a problem in the metaverse and the broader world of 3D gaming, Oorbit is doing its best to solve the problem.

“I think the exciting part of all of it is the ease of access. As we develop the technology, we are getting much closer to where the whole platform and ecosystem is so seamless that you don’t necessarily (as a user) need to think about what kinds of devices or technologies you need to put in place anymore.”   

As a new type of cloud-based interactive platform with interoperable high-quality games and virtual worlds, Oorbit is now focused on redefining the metaverse and making it a more connected world. Ash noted that Oorbit provides a technology stack that’s forward-leaning and can solve the problems businesses looking at leveraging the metaverse will face within the next few years.

“If you’re a developer, you don’t have to think about networking problems. You don’t have to think about compute-rendering problems, how many GPUs, how many concurrent users I’m going to provide my product to, right? And so in a sense, what we’ve done is remove 80% of what you will confront in the next two to three years if you’re an up-and-coming developer in the metaverse,” said Ash. 

Oorbit claims it’s building the infrastructure for the metaverse ecosystem, making the future of digital entertainment accessible for all. According to Ash, Oorbit’s proprietary technology opens the door to limitless, high-quality interactive worlds where people can move seamlessly between streaming experiences with their unique digital identities — without downloads or extra hardware costs.

While there are many scholarly papers on the case for a single metaverse, Oorbit is taking a different approach. By merging experiences and allowing continuous existence — the 3D gaming concept of multiple lives, enabling players to move from game to game without log-in requirements — within different metaverses, the cloud-based platform helps gamers and metaverse users redefine their virtual experiences.

Ash put it in context: “If I was playing Call of Duty, and I wanted to quickly jump into Elden Ring, I would completely lose my state of existence. So, for example, one of the technologies we built early on was to help remove this problem, to enable gamers to jump in and out, in between many worlds. And this, even if it isn’t in the metaverse, if it was just your Xbox, would be a game changer.”

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