Nvidia-Deloitte partnership aims to accelerate AI adoption

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Despite the much-touted benefits of AI, 74% of businesses are still in the AI experimentation stage. 

This means that just 26% of enterprises are focused on deploying high-impact AI use cases at scale. 

But industry leaders and experts alike call AI adoption and deployment an imperative — and to help fuel this, Nvidia and Deloitte today announced an expanded alliance at Nvidia’s GTC event. This new partnership will help Deloitte customers innovate and expand AI and metaverse services. 

“AI and metaverse technologies are reshaping the foundations of our economy,” Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia said in a statement. “Together, Nvidia and Deloitte can help enterprises apply AI to create new products and services that reinvent their industries.”


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AI transformation: Never complete

The “privileged partnership” announced today builds on a two-year Deloitte-Nvidia relationship, said Nitin Mittal, Deloitte’s U.S. AI strategic growth offering consulting leader. 

Deloitte’s customers will now have access to the Nvidia AI and Nvidia Omniverse enterprise platforms, thus enabling the development, implementation and deployment of cutting-edge tools such as edge AI, speech AI, recommender systems, cybersecurity, chatbots and digital twins.

Nvidia DGX A100 systems already power the Deloitte Center for AI Computing, which launched in March 2021. Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality services also leverage the Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise platform for 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation, and Deloitte and Nvidia are together creating hybrid replicas of real-world environments and processes, said Mittal. 

Further expanding its commitment to AI, Deloitte has trademarked the phrase Age of With, which the company describes as “a world where humans work with machines to enable far greater outcomes.” The Deloitte AI Institute teams with tech leaders to help realize this future.  

“Becoming an AI-fueled organization is to understand that the transformation process is never complete, but rather a journey of continuous learning and improvement,” said Mittal. 

Automating and enhancing processes, detecting fraud

For instance, by leveraging Deloitte-Nvidia capabilities, enterprises in the financial services industry are automating debt collection and serving clients through chatbots and natural language processing (NLP), Mittal and Irfan Saif write in an AI dossier.  

ML models are estimating customer lifetime value and predicting customer churn and propensity to accept additional offers by analyzing their profiles and historical and real-time data. Similarly, text mining and NLP can automate the underwriting process; facial recognition and other AI-based biometric technologies can process payments; and AI can adjust insurance coverage and rates based on a customer’s past behavior, according to Mittal and Saif. 

When it comes to the widespread issue of financial industry fraud, meanwhile, AI algorithms can identify and analyze risk factors by continuously scanning for clues across numerous data sources such as social media and deep web forums. This can help transactional and account takeover fraud in real-time and spot suspicious activity that could be missed by humans, write Mittal and Saif. 

“With AI, financial services firms finally have a chance to get in front of criminal behavior, instead of being a step behind,” contend Mittal and Saif. 

Broad-reaching use cases

The Deloitte-Nvidia partnership has also enabled the U.S. Postal Service to leverage vision AI to improve delivery efficiency, said Mittal. Other use cases include customer service processes and interactions, where AI can be used to evolve experiences from “human-human, to human-machine and ultimately machine-machine,” thus increasing efficiency and convenience.

Meanwhile, in retail, AI can instantly determine the best fitting clothing items by leveraging ML, computer vision and 3D scanning. 

In healthcare, the combination of AI and wearable and nonwearable devices can monitor health and provide real-time feedback and coaching. Self-learning systems apply data from millions of users to enable personalized coaching that “drives behavior change” and help manage and prevent chronic disease, said Mittal. 

“That’s the future of health and wellness, and with the latest advances in AI (and the proliferation of devices such as smartwatches) it’s already starting,” write Mittal and Saif. 

Deloitte and Nvidia have also supported innovations in industries including energy, resources and industrials; government and public services; life sciences and healthcare; and technology, media and telecommunications. 

The partnership has enabled autonomous driving technology, which combines onboard sensors and localization technologies with AI-based decision models. This can reduce human error and lead to smarter, more informed decisions about steering, braking, and navigation, said Mittal. 

New capabilities

Deloitte’s expanded portfolio of services will run in the cloud and will be powered by several Nvidia products and technologies, including the following: 

Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise, a platform that helps build custom 3D pipelines and simulate virtual worlds. 

Nvidia Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine: AI microservices combined with Nvidia Project Tokkio, which helps build, customize and deploy interactive service avatars at scale. 

Nvidia AI Enterprise, a cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software.

Nvidia Riva, a GPU-accelerated SDK for building speech AI applications. 

NVIDIA Merlin, an open-source framework for building recommender systems at scale. 

Nvidia Metropolis, a set of developer tools and partner ecosystem that combine visual data and AI. 

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